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 There are things of interest that may not particularly apply to the reunion but never the less may be of special interest to us.  I have added a newsmakers page (click on the newsmakers link at the left) that you might want to check out just to see what has happened around the old home town or to some of our classmates.

Several of our classmates have had personal experiences that had a significant impact on their lives.  They shared them with us in their emails and additional information is included on this Special Interests Page.  I hope you will take the time to browse them a bit.  Hopefully they will inspire you as well.


Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America


Give Kids the World


Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate


Second Chance for Life


Kids to Love

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Kids to Love    Mary Rueb Conner

As most of us have learned by now, one of the most important aspects of life is to serve.  Even though most of us are nearing 80 we can't just set back on our laurels.  We still need to be doing something for someone.  Mary has thrown out a challenge to get us engaged in something, anything.  For her, the new endeavor is Kids to Love.  Their "most important job is to find forever families for every child waiting in foster care.  We tell their stories so people can see they are regular kids who by no fault of their own have ended up in foster care.  It takes a special person to open their heart and home to a child. If you are interested in the journey, you've come to the right place to start!"

I just noticed that the previous entry from Margery Smith Whitten (May she rest in peace) served children as well.

Kids to Love serves young girls in the Huntsville area that are looking for some stability in their lives but there are programs all over the country that offer programs for folks like us to get involved in.  Check out this website as a starter.  https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/senior-corps/senior-corps-programs   We still have plenty of time so let's not squander it.


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Give Kids The World   Margery Smith Whitten

My home based business consists of landscape paintings, silk floral arrangements, hand painted mirrors and wall decorations. I also buy second hand teddy bears and dress them in cute costumes and send them to "Give Kids The World" a wonderful organization, located in the Orlando area. They give terminally ill kids and their families a weeks vacation at Disney and surrounding attractions. I can vouch for this wonderful organization first hand, as I have a terminally grandson, and they gave us a week we will never forget, sooooooooooo, if you ever want to donate to a worthwhile charity, this is the one to give too.

Click here for Google hits on "Give Kids the World".

Also Perkins are a big part of Kids Village, they feed every family for free. I remember there were quite a few members of the Future Nurse club in High School, I am glad that we all got to realize our vocation. Nursing has changed so much over the last few years, no wonder there is now a national shortage, to many lawsuits and regulations has made it a very difficult profession, and those that pay are the patients. Well, I have rattled on here, so best stop before you delete me....(smile) Thanks again for posting my bio, it is appreciated. Until later. Margery

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Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate  Mary Rueb Conner

My daughter-in-law, Linda and granddaughter, Faith and I attended the ribbon cutting of the new National Children’s Advocacy Center…it is a model program for all the United States.  I think I am most proud of anything I have done and are doing (except for raising 4 four children, especially the teenage years, as a single “Mom”) is being a CAJA (Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate)…nationwide known as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).  This brochure that is enclosed tells a lot except after training we are taking seminars throughout the year along with other “officers of the court”  I think my pre-law degree helped before hand and also working for 2 law firms as their investigator helped pave the way for almost 15 years of dedication.

 A person can become very upset with the court and other systems where children are concerned…I just couldn’t quit the children…some of my fellow CAJA’s did.  We recruit every year  for new CAJA’s and the public radio station, WLRH, has me speak on the PSA for a minute every hour sometimes…recorded of course, but I wrote it as best as I could and get everything in for new recruits…sounds like the army, doesn’t it.?!?  Anyway, just put on the Internet about CAJA (CASA is 62,000 of us strong) the National Child Advocacy Center…can you put on the colored pictures on too?

New Childrens Building - Click for Bigger PictureCommunity Services Building - Click for Larger ViewTEAM Building (Multidisciplinary) Click to EnlargeTraining Building - Yup, Click to make bigger

Children's Building

Community Services Building

TEAM Building (Multidisciplinary)Training Building

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Second Chance for Life    Phyllis Howey Schamens

In 1997 and early 1998 Chuck and I had quite an experience.  Chuck developed cardiomyopothy and March 4, 1998, he was transported to the U of M, in Mpls. where they did a transplant evaluation.  On April 21st he received his Second Chance for Life.  The heart started beating immediately and has been going great ever since.  If any of you haven't considered organ donation, please think about it.

More on the subject - Wes Edwards

Phyllis' comments got me interested so I looked for some more information on the subject.  We have a representative for Lifesource here in Litchfield.  I invited him to speak at our recent NARFE (National Association of Retired Federal Employees) meeting.  The speaker is the recipient of a double lung transplant.  If you have ever had any doubt about being an organ donor I encourage you to seek out someone who has received an organ transplant.

In our area (Minnesota, the Dakotas, and portions of Wisconsin) Lifesource is the federally designated not-for-profit organization responsible for the management of organ donation activities.  You can find out more about them at www.organdonation.org.  Other links are there as well.

You can find more on organ and tissue donations at the Coalition on Donation website www.shareyourlife.org. Links are available for organizations nationwide.

Second Chance for Life Foundation is a heart and lung transplant support group. It is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded to support thoracic transplant recipients, candidates, their families and donor families, and to promote organ donor awareness.  Check them out at www.secondchanceforlife.org.