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As Larry, Bonnie and I were discussing content for the web page it was suggested that we dig up information on who we were in 1956.  Today I found a web site that has most everything about our music, movies, fashions, the westerns, TV, trivia and games.

Lyrics to the Oldies Top 100 Songs of 1956 : Check this out if you want to see the lyrics on our most popular songs in 1956.  I hope to get some music here also.

The Fifties Index- Oldies Music, Classic TV, Pop History, Fifties Clothes, Burma Shave, Elvis : This is the index to the web site.  Lots of fun things here.  Check it out.

Top Ten Movies


Beat The Devil
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
The Earrings Of Madame de ...
On The Waterfront
High And Dry
The Little Kidnappers
Carmen Jones
Gate Of Hell


Game Of Love
Wages Of Fear
The Great Adventure
The Desperate Hours
Umberto D.
The Man With The Golden Arm


The King And I
Somebody Up The Likes Me
Lust For Life
Around The World In 80 Days
Secrets Of The Reef
Richard III
The Grand Manoeuver
I Viteloni

1956 - The Fifties Oldies : Check this out for history and song lists of music of the '50s.  They will even sell it to you if you are so inclined.  No endorsement implied.


Top Ten Songs of '54, '55, '56



Sh Boom

More to Come

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TV Westerns -1955-1956 : What were we watching in 1955-1956?  Here's more than you ever wanted to know.

Fads, Fashions and Slang - Fifties Retro Clothes

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This site is a hoot.  Don't let your grandkids see this.

Fifties Free Trivia and Games: Have lots of time when you go here.  Lots of fun things.