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Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening


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Photos are a great way to share your experiences with classmates and friends.  Send your pictures to Wes and we will make them part of viewing experience.

Jim Austin Phyllis Woitte Click for a high resolution pictureChuck WicksMary Lou SheehanMike ReddyDale BrysonDave HellbuschJohn MilesStan BusskohlJim McElhanyEd HeathcoteConnie KutzJake KrullJim AntrimMary GilbertsonFerdy TeschKathleen BierneJim PickeringOrie LeisureJoe HemmerDoug StricherzDick BeynonBob WagnerPhil WulffDarrel CrockerKaren JohnsonJackie KruthoffSteve SmithMary RuebBetty KinneyMaxene KempSharon VikMarlys DahlJody CooleyGary BrandrietMary LarsonPhyllis HansonLylah HayfordBarbara StoltenbergNina ShemlingKen YocomJerry KranzBev GrapentineShirley MichaelsKeith HansonGarold MurphyBarb EricksonJanet HeuerPhyllis HoweyVelma StoltenbergJoyce Nelson
The class picture taken at the old Elks building during the reunion in 1996.  Click away from any of the faces to get a high resolution picture.  Browser setting will affect the size of picture you see.

Click on the faces to find out more about us. 10 atta girls  or atta boys  for every mistake reported!  I am having problems identifying everybody.  Let me know if you can help fill in the blanks. Wes