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I wanted to set up links to other class web sites.  So, I started a links page.  If you know of any links that you think would be of interest to your classmates let me know and we will include them.  Wes

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Watertown Public Opinion


A new "complete" electronic edition of the P/O whereby a reader can view all pages, all stories/photos/ads inside the P/O the same day we publish ... from the convenience of a computer with Internet connection.


Welcome to Old Forty Fives. com, where the '50s and '60s come back to life.

When did Rock'n Roll start?

Some people think it started in 1953 with Ike Turner's "My Rocket 88," or Big Joe Turner with "Honey, Hush" in 1953, or "Shake, Rattle and Roll" 1954. Personally, I believe it started with the premiere of the movie Blackboard Jungle in theaters across the country, in 1955. This movie featured the song "Rock Around the Clock" by "Bill Haley and his Comets," which helped to propell Rock and Roll as a musical genre. It was reported that teenagers jumped from their seats to dance to the song.




Thanks to Sandy (Crump) Koskovick for sending in the link to early 1900 penny postcards from Watertown.  Very interesting

About the Penny Postcard Archives

Why "Penny Postcards"? These postcards cost 1˘ to mail. Postage was temporarily raised to 2˘ from 1917 to 1919 to cover the cost of World War I & from 1925 to 1928 (not sure the reason for the latter).



Thanks to Sandy (Crump) Koskovick for sending in the link

"Welcome to Grandma Faith’s"

“Welcome to my ‘not so little anymore’ website”. You have found my web pages here because I’ve chosen to share with others the joy I hope that comes from reading them. I hope your heart will hear my message. I hope my song will warm your world. I hope my love will brighten your darkness.”


I built this non-commercial site for my friends (both known & unknown) & family to have a clean place of peace and relaxation to visit, where one can spend a few minutes or a few hours.


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