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No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever. Anonymous

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Mary Lou Sheehan Shriver will be editing the material for this page.  Please submit newsy type of things to Mary Lou for this page.  Thanks, Wes.

We are still looking for news for this page so please share your happenings such as vacations or whatever. I need more news so Weston won't fire me!!!! Help!!!!!!!!! Mary


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Bev Grapetine Van Zanten

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Pizza Ranch - again July 7, 2004




Nothing can keep the ladies of the class of '56 idle.

Saturday, February 7th, found Barb Stoltenburg Gonzalez, Carol Skells Matthes, JoAnne Weitgrefe Wayrynen, Carol DeVetter Arbogast, Mary Larson Drake, Marlys Dahl Stricherz, Phyllis Howey Schamens, and Adeline Strom Schaack, getting together at Perkins for coffee at 2:00 PM. So girls, what is all the news?

Barb called a few people to come for coffee and everyone attending thought it was such a great idea, it was decided on the first Saturday of each month, the ladies of '56 would meet at 2:00 PM at Perkins on Hwy 212. All the ladies of the class are most welcome to come as it is difficult to contact each and everyone of them individually.

Also, if any of you ladies are visiting in Watertown, or feel like driving to Watertown for coffee and good company, join the ladies at Perkins on the first Saturday of the month. What a great idea.  Thanks Barb. 

Thus, our first entry for our "News from our family to Yours."  We are looking forward to many other entries, so how about it Class of '56, let us hear from you. Been anywhere exciting? Mary Lou


Bev Grapetine Van Zanten is vacationing as I write, skiing in Colorado which she always looks forward to each year as she says it is always a good time. Nice time of the year to be in Colorado. Her work is cut out when she returns as she has 31 ewes that she hopes will be producing offsprings soon and will certainly keep her busy. They are raising their 16 year old grandson whom she says is very helpful and I am sure she will appreciate his help with her sheep. Bev hopes to make it to the get together in August as well as we hope she will be able to attend. Thanks for contributing to our new page Bev.



The ladies of the class of '56 met the first Saturday of March at Perkins as planned for the monthly coffee. In attendance were, Barb Gonzalez and her sister Judy, Jackie Kruthoff Baxter, JoAnn Weitgrefe Wayrynen, Adeline Strom Schaack, Carol Skells Matthes and Carol DeVetter Arbogast. A great time was had by all and ALL were in favor of another '56 get together this summer. They are hoping for more of the gals to come on the first Saturday of the month so hope you will mark it on your calendar for April at Perkins. I imagine the topics of discussion were quite different now than it would have been 48 years ago!! Planning a 50th reunion certainly wasn't on our minds!!


A group of classmates got together with Weston and Mary Jo Edwards who were visiting in Watertown this past week at Pizza Ranch. By the sounds of things, they made their presence known to the tune of making more noise than families dining with their children. Now, that sounds like something we would have done 48 years ago, so you still have it!!!!

This was not a "Get together" meeting, but just a chance for classmates to get together and socialize. E-mails were sent out to those with e-mail and they were encouraged to pass the word on to those who do not have e-mails, about a night out with classmates. With Lent in progress and other activities, some of the classmates called and had other plans, so hope you can make it next time. If you would like to be alerted whenever these "parties" are in town, let a local classmate know to give you a call!

Attending were, Weston and Mary Jo, Larry and Bonnie Wolff, Jackie and Tom Baxter, Darrel and Geraldine Crocker and Darrel and Carol Arbogast. A great time was had by all and Pizza Ranch were glad when they left............ I assume!!! Say Larry Wolff, I was told something about you and Desert Pizza???? Care to share with the class???

I assume in April, there will be a meeting to plan the "Get together" for the weekend of August 6, 7th and 8th, 2004. Just a reminder to keep that weekend open on your calendar. It is amazing how many classmates are looking forward to our yearly get togethers. It is so nice to get together, reminisce and share news about our families and happenings. Now that most of us are retired, it is a nice relaxing weekend to look forward to and if you missed the last one, you certainly don't want to miss this one. We find a lot of the classes are doing the same thing, getting together each year for social reasons!!! Our 50th isn't far away and hopefully, we can all be of help to Doug and Marlys planning the 50th.



April 28th, 2004  Get Together Planning

The following classmates gathered at the Pizza Ranch to plan our 2004 get together: Jackie and Tom Baxter, Larry and Bonnie Wolff, Ken and Donna Yocom, Carol and Darrel Arbogast, Carol Matthes, Barb Gonzales, Chris Larson and Wes Edwards.

After the important things were done; pizza, chicken and dessert, we tackled the plans for the get together in August.  After considering the events at the Redlin Art Center it all came together quickly.  We are hoping that all that were here in 2003 will join us again and there are rumors that some that did not make it in 2003 will be here for 2004.  I guess they heard we had too much fun.

Last year could not be considered a formal get together and this year will be even less formal.

We had a good time this evening and getting together in August should be even more fun.


June 2, 2004  Get Together

Wednesday evening, June 2nd a group of 1956 classmates met at the Pizza Ranch for socializing, great food and a little planning for the 2004 "Get Together."


In attendance were Phyllis and Chuck Schamens, Julius (Chris) Larson, Judy and Dick Keyes, Ken and Donna Yocom, Wes Edwards, Larry Wolff, Jackie and Tom Baxter, and Carol and Darrel Arbogast.


Plans for this summer's weekend are all in place and Wes will be sending out information via e-mail to those with e-mail, and Carol Arbogast will be mailing the information to those who do not have e-mail addresses, hopefully in the coming week. Please notify Wes or Carol if you know of someone who is not receiving the information.

Everyone had a wonderful time and are so in favor of our summer get togethers. It is a nice time to renew old friendships, brag about the grandkids......or complain.....whatever, and be together to visit and relax. Food is always good as is the company and sprits. Everyone is looking forward to August 6, 7, and 8th, so hopefully, you have it marked on your calendar as well. Word is that Wes has some pictures taken on Wednesday evening and plans to put them on the website, so check it out. Speaking of the website, we need some feedback to some of the categories like "From our family to yours." We need to keep the website active in order to keep in online. Vacations, grandchildren, hobbies, thoughts, whatever, let's hear about it. Send comments to Mary Shriver.
Jackie Baxter brought some colored brochures of Terry Redlin's weekend on August 7th and 8th, and we hope to include the information in the e-mail and also in the letters that Carol will send out. The Mannheim Steamrollers are the entertainers while Terry introduces his new series. Looks to be a big weekend in Watertown.
We do hope you plan to attend the August weekend activities and spend some time in Watertown. Our city is changing day by day. Some things new and some old things gone........like the Spies building at the junction of 212 and 81. A new convention center at the old Ramkota looks very promising.
We are looking forward to seeing the class of 1956 in August. If you have any feedback for the weekend, please contact Wes. Those who have met at the pizza ranch have done a good job planning and hopefully will please all.
See you in August.


June 19, 2004  Email from Margery Smith
Hi Wes, It seems my timing for a vacation in Watertown is always a bit off. I arrived the last of May this year, and wouldn't you know it, I have to return to Florida the 6th of Aug. So looks as though I will miss the get together once again. I have been enjoying my time in Watertown, spent some time driving around looking at places I remember as a kid. I have not seen anyone that I know from my past or from school, so maybe you can pass a hello on to them from me? I hope your get together is fun for all. Maybe next year I can time my visit so as to be included in the event.

Take care,

Margery Smith Whitten



Wes Edwards is taking retirement seriously and made it through another year of Canadian fishing.

After spending a week on the Canadian waters, they caught lots of fish (northerns and but mostly walleyes) and Weston caught the biggest fish. It was 26 inches and someone said it weighed about 6 or 7 pounds. Now the "about" sounds like a typical liar fisherman tale!! (Check out the picture on the Liar's page, Wes) I would say that was great and you wouldn't catch one like that around here, but Larry, my husband, caught a 38" northern weighing in at 14 pounds at Lake Pelican last week. Sorry Wes!

Weston and group camped on an Island on the English River about 15 miles west of Grassy Narrow for 6 days and survived nicely. Nothing eventful happened this year, unlike 2002 when three trees blew over and destroyed their campsite. There were 9 this year and mostly a family affair with brother-in-laws, daughters, nieces, uncles and a few friends.

"We came back with our limit of walleyes and a few northerns. We ate walleyes until we were turning into one and threw many, many back." Now that sounds like a sin Weston!!! Only a fisherman can understand that act. "Two of the guys in the party that were new to the experience this year could not believe we would do anything like that."

The group had a good time and came back no worse for wear. Unfortunately, Weston left his camera laying on the bench in the garage, so now has to wait for folks to send him copies to scan before he can put any up to share. Sounds like one of those senior moments that we all have become accustomed to.

Hopefully you will be able to make it next year Weston and bring back some of those fish you usually throw back. Wouldn't that be a great party? Class of '56 fish fry!!!

Thanks for sharing your vacation Wes. Now, anymore of you out there that can share your happenings? Would be nice to hear from you.



  July 7, 2004 we gathered at the Pizza Ranch Again
Classmates once again gathered at the Pizza Ranch for good food and conversations on July 7th. We had a nice turnout with the following classmates and spouses in attendance.

Darrell, Geraldine Crocker, Bob, Carol Wagner, Carol, Darrell Arbogast, Mary, Larry Shriver, Ken, Donna Yocom, Jake, Phyllis Krull, Larry, Bonnie Wolff, Weston Edwards, Mary Larson and Marlys Stricherz. Judy Keyes was also there with family members as we arrived, so we got in a quick hello before they left.

Do you remember our classmate Willard Stevenson? Carol Arbogast had forgotten about him as Marlys Stricherz dropped a picture off at Carol's home that was of Carol and Willard at some type of formal dance. Yes, one of our classmates is beginning to have memory loss, but Marlys briefed her on the young man who escorted her. Carol's husband was quite surprised at the photo as she told him she was a "wallflower" in school. This was just one of the conversations of the evening so you see, we don't talk about business!!!

Weston did remind everyone that he would appreciate our reservations for Saturday so he can turn the numbers in to the Elks. If you haven't notified Weston that you are coming on Saturday, please do so ASAP. We need some numbers for planning for Friday and Sunday too.

Meeting each year has caught on quite well with other classes from WHS as well as sharing Websites. The trend seems to be to have the 50th class reunions on Homecoming weekend which seems to have worked out well with other classes and they have a good turnout. I guess with the majority at our age retired, we do not have to worry about getting here in September.

We are hoping you can attend the get together in August, big or small turnout, it is always a good time to renew old friendships. Any bits and piece you would like to share for the "From our family to yours" would be appreciated. Someone must have something of interest to share.

Reminder: Get your reservation to Weston.