Watertown High School

Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening



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Keith WilliamDeceased
Kemp MaxineHank Wagner (class of 1955) and I were married in August 1957. Our first two children were born while stationed in Glenview. We were transferred to the Naval Aviation Supply Office in Philadelphia in Oct 1959. Three more children were born while we were stationed in Philadelphia. Following Hank's discharge from the Navy in 1962, we moved to Seattle, Wash. In 1965 Hank accepted a job with Sears Roebuck in Philadelphia. In 1980 we moved to Washington DC. In 1984 we were transferred to St. Louis, Mo.

During all this time, I held various jobs when time permitted. I started programming while we were in Washington, DC and retired from CitiCorp which coincided with Hank's retirement from May Company in 2003.

I graduated from Maryville University in 1990 with a BS in Information Systems (took me ten years at various colleges!) I sold real estate while we lived in Chicago, but gave that up when we moved to the DC area. There I started working in the computer programming field (1980) and continued at various companies (depended on where we moved to) until my retirement last year.

In July 2003 we sold the house in St. Louis and moved to the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. It's great.

The children live in Waterloo, WI, Prince Frederick, MD. Geneva, IL, and two live in St. Louis. Between them they have blessed us with 18 grandchildren. A photo is attached for the Project "55" album. This is a picture Hank and me standing on the deck at our home at the Lake of the Ozarks.
Kinney Betty Deceased
Kittelson Sally Sally Kittleson Deceased Click for the obit
Kjerulff Dale Dale and his, wife, Kathleen, have one daughter, Holly, who is a practicing attorney in Seattle. Dale is vice-president of Pratt and Whitney.
Konrady Wayne Deceased
Kranz JerrySpouse: Colleen A. (Riley) Kranz
Children: 4 boys, 2 girls
Grandchildren: 6 boys, 3 girls

2 years ARmy
6 years college
15 years wildlife Research Biologist
10 years lost
15 years school bus driver

Plan to retire soon, then get back to South Dakota for some good bird hunting.
Krull Jake Deceased - Click for Obituary
Kruthoff Jacquelyn Hey there Classmates of 'fifty-six--

This is like writing a Christmas letter, isn't it?! The important things first, which would be the children. We still have five: Kelly (Lawrence KS), Kim (St Louis MO), Bob (Lexington KY), John (Watertown) and Danny (Watertown). And we have eight-going-on-nine grandchildren, including a set of identical twin girls! None of the grandchildren live in Watertown, so we don't see them as much as we would like.

Tom and I are lifetime Watertown residents! We have both been retired for a number of years. At the present time, I serve on several boards, including the library, museum, Adjustment Training Center, and church. My philosophy is that it is important to give back to the community in whatever ways we can. As a bonus, these activities help me keep in touch with 'what's up!' 

Hobbies include reading and growing African violets. My newest activity is "going fishing." On my last birthday (39th, of course), Tom told me not to come home without a fishing license. That $7 senior fishing license has opened new challenges (have you ever put a leech on a hook?) and a whole new area of story-telling!

Here's looking forward to seeing you this summer!  Jackie Kruthoff Baxter
Kutz Connie Connie and her husband. Warren, have 3 children, David, Karen, and Dan, and 4 grandchildren, Kiley, Stevie, Carter, and Dan Connor. Warren and Connie still own Jam's Restaurant in Tempo, AZ. They survived the Fiesta Bowl and Super Bowl of 1996
Lamke Dan Unable to locate.
Lane JaniceJanice and Gene moved to Springfield and he is Asst. Dir. of Springfield Academy and is also setting up a new treatment center in Sioux Falls. Janice works with the education department of East Dakota Coop.
Langenfeld Judy Deceased   Click for obituary
Larson Mary Deceased.  Click for obituary
Larson Julius C.Julius and his wife. Barb has two children. They have recently moved from San Antonio back to Arlington.  They plan to attend the Get Together
Lee James E. Jim and his wife, Carolyn, have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Jeanine, and one grandson, Tyler. Jim is still in the insurance business as President and CEO of Old Republic Surety Company, which is a bonding company.

Unfortunately, I can't make it but, God willing, I will definitely be at the 50th. A little update on my bio.---- Carolyn and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We are now grandparents of 4; Tyler(9), Stephanie(6) Alex James(1) and Joseph James(1). Do you think I was a little proud when my daughters named their latest sons? Anyway, I'm still working as Pres./CEO of Old Republic Surety Co. in Milwaukee. I was recently honored by being elected Chmn. of the Bd. of the Surety Assn. of America which is an assoc. of 550 Insurance Cos. that write Surety Bonds. We just bought a house in Naples FL. and I plan on phasing out of my job over the next 2 1/2 years. I've had 4 stents put in my arteries in the last year (preventive maintenance) so should be good to go for another 20 years, I hope. My regards to all! Jim

LeisureOrie Orie and his spouse, Jody, have 4 children, Derek, Deirdre, Tom, and Beita, and 4 grandchildren, Seth, Rachel, Brooke, and Trent. Orie is still an engineering physics professor at SDSU (soon to retire). Jody is retired. She gardens at the lake while Orie fishes. Lots of golf, quilting, and grandchildren fill their 'spare time'.
Lewis JanetDeceased