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Sharing and Caring

We do not want to violate anyone's privacy, but there are times when thoughts and prayers may be welcome. When we are aware of special needs we will post them in such a way that privacy is protected unless we have permission to identify the persons involved. Please send in a suggestion for inclusion if you or someone you know has need for some extra help.

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April 25, 2012  It has not been a good week for our classmates:

Larry Wolff is being treated for short term memory loss. Dick Beynon came home from the hospital today to recover from a stroke.  Mary Rueb Conner is still dealing with injuries from a car accident she was involved in last year. And I received an email tonight from Caringbridge letting us know that Mary Sheehan Shriver is beginning treatment for cancer.

You can follow Mary's Caringbridge page at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/maryshriver/guestbook

We'll let you know if there are any updates not on Caringbridge.

Mary Conner talked to Dick today.  He was very appreciative of the reception he was given by classmates at our 55th reunion in 2011 and wanted the info sharing with you all.

Let me know if you are aware of any classmates with special needs that they would like to share with the class.  Best wishes and prayers go to all of our classmates with health needs.  Wes

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It recently came to my attention that Loren and Bev Haug's grandson was killed in a motorcycle accident near Omaha.  Here is what I have on it: Naser, Kelly Keith Age 28 - Jan 6, 2012 Papillion, NE.


Survived by father Kevin Naser; mother Carol (Gary) Schilling; siblings, Shelby (Jeremy) Ellsworth, Ashley, and Tyler Schilling; grandparents, Leslie (Donna) Naser, Loren (Beverly) Haug, and Luella Schilling; many other loving relatives and friends.

Please remember Loren and Bev and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to Mary Rueb Conner for bringing this to my attention.  Wes

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I received this from Mellie (Camilla) Quammen McClung recently.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mellie and her family.

From: davemellie@juno.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 11:47 PM
To: westonfe@gmail.com
Subject: David C McClung

I am writing to let you know that my husband, David C McClung, passed away on November 27, 2011, after a brief illness. He was diagnosed with lung cancer on October 24, 2011, and passed away at a hospice on November 27, 2011.

The only pain he had was from a small fracture at T12 which made it hard for him to move. We had a beautiful memorial in which David's family took part via preaching, speaking, singing and playing the piano. Mellie

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August 31, 2011 Carol DeVetter Arbogast passed away on August 30. Please keep her family in your prayers.  Wes

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Thanks to Nina Schmeling for getting the news on the death of Joyce M. (Nelson) Evjen.  Joyce passed away on Jan. 20, 2011. You can access Joyce's obituary and/or sign the guest book here: http://www.mittelstadtfuneralhome.com/index.cfm

Our prayers go to the family and friends of Joyce at this time of sorrow.

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Our prayers go out to Mary Gilbertson and her family on the death of her husband, Eddie.

From:                              Mary Larson [larsonsd@hur.midco.net]

Sent:                               Wednesday, December 29, 2010 3:14 PM

Subject:                          Eddie

 I know you know that my Eddie died on Christmas day. I had him here at the home until he died. Hospice help was wonderful to help me. The web site is kuhlerfuneralhome.com . Thanks so much for all the prayers. That must have been what kept me going. Mary

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Steve and Bonnie Belatti's daughter Carrie passed away yesterday. (Feb.15, 2007). She was a Speech Therapist and was in Dawson yesterday, had a seizure and never recovered.  How sad and a difficult time for Steve and Bonnie.


Please keep the Belatti's in your prayers.


Mary Shriver (Read Mary's email)

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Jan 17, 2007


Just received from Nina.


Orie Leisure's mom passed away.

Dolores Leisure was 87; her husband's name is Ralph.  Their address if 614 1st Ave SE in Watertown, SD 57201.  Orie & Jody's address is 1344 W.44th St., So.  Brookings, SD 57006. Nina


Also, Jake Krull's stepmother Dorothy (Goose) Krull passed away January 3, 2007


Our condolences go out to both families.

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June 6, 2006.  This just in from Nina

I delivered flowers to Janice Lane Cooley in the hospital today.  She was in the dollar store & an older woman drove into the store.  Janice was caught between 2 counters.  She is all right.  They took her by ambulance to the hospital & she had 15 x rays the 1st day.  They were in Wtwn for Memorial Day.  She doesn't know if she will be here for the reunion or not.

Nina Mitchell

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November 24, 2005.  I just received this email from Mary Sheehan Shriver.  Please remember the family in your prayers.  Let's hope that Mary and Larry have a safe trip to Watertown during this busy travel weekend.  Wes

"Just a note to let you know my brother Chuck passed away at 10:30 this evening (Nov 23), peacefully. He is in a much better place free of pain now. The funeral is possibly Monday so we are heading home to SD.......... keep the snow away. Mary"

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Hi Wes,

Thanks for your note. Yes it is ok to post my message. I know what you mean about working like you’re 40 and then feeling 90. I am trying to be serious about pacing myself – sometimes with success and other times not. I just returned from the Mayo Clinic Friday. My platelet levels are somewhat stable though still very low. I am tired a lot of the time. The massive doses of prednisone have resulted in steroid induced hyperglycemia. I swear it is full time work taking care of one’s health. And I always swore I would never be one of those old people who talked about their health issues all the time! Oops!

My son and family from Alaska will spend the summer in South Dakota as will my daughter and family from California. We intend to spend considerable time at my cabin in the Black Hills. I will try to make the August event in Watertown.

It was good to hear from you.


From: Donna Fjelstad [mailto: donnafjelstad@pie.midco.net]

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 9:04 PM

To: 'Wes Edwards'

Subject: RE: Greetings from the home town

Dear Wes,

Thanks for your greetings and update. I have intended to write during the past five months but just about the time I was ready to do so, my life took another turn. Last summer my failure to attend the get together turned out to be more than simply not feeling well. I think I was aware of it at some level at that time but chose to deny it. I was indeed sick.

The first week of December my local physician referred me to the Mayo Clinic with dangerously low blood/platelet counts. Since that time I have been hospitalized for four different weeks, have been air ambulanced there once, have had multiple diagnoses, and have traveled there every two weeks to be treated for what has now been labeled Aplastic Anemia. This translates to …my bone marrow does not make platelets. Normal range is 150,000-400,000. Mine have been as low as 3,000. There have been two or three brushes with death, each of which has enriched my life more than I am able to believe or express. There have been times I was afraid I would die and times I was afraid I would not. After numerous later-to-be-abandoned treatments during the diagnosis period (months), I am now on a protocol which we hope will result in remission. The fact that my scheduled appointments have stretched from every two weeks, to three weeks, to now a month, is encouraging. Until recently I have had multiple transfusions/infusions a week. As of today it has been two weeks and a day since the last one. In the meantime, my lifestyle has changed drastically. It is quiet, contained, and full of gratitude. The good news is I am of Medicare Age…the bad news… pharmacy costs exceed my Social Security check. I am not eating cat food yet, but thanks to friend Roger Pries (WHS-1953) and others I have begun connections to Canadian pharmacies. As a ‘buy at home’ fanatic, this has been a switch for me.

I am hoping to attend the WHS -1956 event in August. My family, 3 children, 3 spouses and 3 grandchildren and I gathered in Orlando at Christmas. It had been planned for nearly a year. I was thrilled to be able to be with them and for medical facilities there. They came from Alaska, California, New York and Pierre. We will spend considerable time at my cabin in the Black Hills this summer.

It sounds like the gatherings are enjoyed by all of you. One of the things I have appreciated during my ordeal, is the contacts from people I have not heard from for years and the connections we have made. I feel so blessed.

Best wishes to you.


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Larry Wolff just notified me that his sister, Irene passed away Sunday evening, February 13, 2005.


Please keep Larry's and Mary's families in your thoughts and prayers.

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I received this from Mary's daughter, Sheila, on Feb 15, 2005

Hi Wes,

I just wanted you to know that Mary Rueb's husband, Edison Conner, passed away last night. He had been ill with heart problems for past year.

Mary Rueb-Conner

1020 Mira Vista Dr

Hunstville AL 35802



Update: The burial will be in Penn. on Sat.  He fell about two weeks ago and was in a lot of pain.

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Christmas, 2004

I received the following update in a Christmas letter from Bob and Sylvia Peterson.  Good News!  Wes

"Another message we have for you is, “Thanks for praying for us!” The Lord has answered prayer in getting Sylvia through chemotherapy, from January through June, and radiation, from mid-July through August. There were many rough days, and she had adverse reactions to some of the drugs. Jesus kept her, and we praise Him! Her breast cancer is in remission now!"

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Update on Bonnie: 10/23  Bonnie's surgery went very well.  She expects to be sent home on the 25 and will continue her recovery in Bettendorf.  You can send emails to Bonnie at cclwolff@aol.com or their mail for the winter will be: 6043 Dodds Drive, Bettendorf, IA 52722

Bonnie Wolff (Larry's wife} is having a knee replaced on October 22.  She is looking forward to the surgery but would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery.  So please remember Bonnie for the next few weeks as she goes through surgery and rehabilitation.

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Updates on Chuck 12/8/04

The surgery was accomplished and Chuck was recovering in a nursing home and then at home.  In early December Chuck was rushed to a hospital in Sioux Falls and was being treated there. Chuck was discharged to his home today and doing well.

My brother Chuck has been fighting a battle to keep his foot which he has had problems with due to diabetes. Well, yesterday, they told him they need to amputate his foot which will be done Monday morning. Hopefully all will turn out good. He is a surgical risk. He had bypass surgery 5 years ago and is not in good health. He had a great 70th birthday party last week and now will lose a foot this week. Please keep him in your prayers. Mary Lou (Sheehan) Shriver

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I would really appreciate the prayers.  I have recently found out that I have Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that is not common and has no cure. Right now I am dealing with this and do not know what the future holds. Hopefully, I will at able to attend the 50th when it comes around. Best wishes for another successful reunion. Beverly Moquist Skinner.

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Hi Wes, I just received this email from Bev Grapentine and thought you would want to post the news of Bev's loss on the WHS website.  Sandy Crump

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 03:51:23 (GMT)
Subject: Notice for Kurt Michael Warnstaff

Message: Our son Kurt died Thursday with an unexpected illness (acute bronchial pneumonia). With his phobia about doctors he didn't seek medical help. He didn't even call Papa (Niko).  Services will be Wednesday and we will need prayers. http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?Id=LS02325739X

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I received this email from Bob on June 15.  Please remember Sylvia in your prayers.  Thanks, Wes

"Hi Wes,

We had a great time last summer at the get together. We will not be able to make it this summer. My wife will be ending her chemo treatments the last week in June and then after that she will have 30 radiation treatments starting in mid July. She has had chemo treatments since January and has had some rough times with it. She is doing fairly well at the moment.

Hope you all have a great time this summer.

Bob Peterson"

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