Watertown High School

Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening




Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get to the comment section on the web site?  I want to read comments from others.  I assume you are talking about the "Guest Book".   Near the bottom of the home page there is an invitation to visit our Guest Book.  Just click on the hyperlink and you will be taken to the guest book.  There you can read comment made by others and make you own comments to share with others. Click here to go to the home page.

2) How I change my personal data?  Just send an email to Wes and your information will be updated.  We are also looking for old pictures, stories, interesting things or whatever you would like to share with the class.  Click here to send an email to Wes.

3) How I make comments?  Again, I think you are asking about making comments in the guest book.  We are planning on printing these comments out and sharing them with others at the Get Together.  Your comments are really needed and appreciated.  The guest book looks like this.  Enter your name, your email address and comments; click "write down" and your comment will be saved.

Click here to go directly to the guest book.

4) If we are having a get together in 2003 will there be a reunion in 2006?  Several class mates had an idea that we should get together this year.  It may be too late for some of us to wait until 2006.  After all, you are getting older.  Of course, I'm not.  But I am ready to party any time so why not 2003 and 2006.  That's why the gathering this year is a "Get Together".  I am sure that there are plans for a "50 Year Reunion" in 2006.  So why not make both of them.  I sure hope to.

5) Can I buy a book, a video or a class picture from the reunion now that it is all over?  As of August 22nd we still have 11 pictures and 9 videos available for purchasing.  We have also made arrangements with OfficeMax to print additional books on an as needed basis.  So if you didn't order one or would like another memento from the reunion just send me an email and we will see about getting your request mailed to you.  westonfe@xtratyme.com  Thanks,  Wes