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Did you know that Donna Moeller Fjelstad is running for the SD State Senate!!  She has the "go ahead" from her Dr.  --- this is part of her email:


"Just call me John McCain --- old person  -- different party.   There are so few women and fewer and fewer moderates….what the hell….I am a lousy bridge player and my doctor said go for it. "  

Donna has lived in the Pierre // Ft. Pierre area for over 50 years and is VERY well known.   She taught school, was the state director for reading, has run the Bridge Playhouse for years  -- in addition to her business as a motivational speaker and the humorous acting with her business partner (we saw them our 50th). 

Take care,

Mary Tesch Vanpoucke

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From:Donna Fjelstad [donnafjelstad@pie.midco.net ]

Sent:  Saturday, January 31, 2009 2:29 PM

To:   'Wes Edwards'

Subject: Happy thing 

Hi Wes:  


Just a short happy note.   After 59 days of hospitalization since August 10th  in  Rochester and Pierre, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.    Remission/recovery is glorious.   Not Cancer, but bone marrow disease  plus several hip dislocations requiring hip reconstruction.     I am hoping to walk with a cane on February 17th when I will receive the Governor’s Award for Support of the Arts by an Individual at the 2009 South Dakota Governor’s Arts Awards.    Life is Good.



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October 28, 2007

I'm fine........ at my house things are getting back to normal. Even though I had no damage there are lots of branches, soot, ash and other air-born debris to clean up. We did not have trash pick-up for 12 days in my particular neighborhood, no US mail for 3 days, no UPS/FEDEX or private deliveries for 5 days - now, all that is VERY small inconveniences to the whole picture, but it's amazing what-all we take for granted!!

The San Diego Chargers are playing at Qualcomm stadium today; the last of evacuees were relocated to other sites in order to play here. Most of San Diego citizens feel this is a good move and a start to resume our lifestyles as much as possible. One of my friends had homes burn on both sides of his house - now, he feels guilty??!! So many stories, hardships, worries and totally changed lives it's mind boggling. I gave blood yesterday, the lines were long, but I didn't hear one complaint. (now that's almost unbelievable!)

We are definitely blessed in San Diego County to have had enough to share and the willingness to do it! They had to stop donations at the stadium because they had TOO much! Evacuees started classes for school kids, vets donated their time and efforts for the animals, yoga classes were formed, computers were brought in so people could communicate and all this was done by local people - NO FEMA. The Red Cross and other organizations did a tremendous job, the US Navy and Marine Corps did a wonderful job - on duty and off duty! The National Guard is mostly guarding areas with burned out housed or locations that are still not repopulated - they arrived here very promptly and we appreciate their efforts too.

Thank you and all others who kept us in prayer and also to those who have donated to help us in our time of need. It was good to hear from my classmates and for you to publish the emails concerning the southern CA fire-storm of 2007.

In friendship,

Mary Tesch Vanpoucke

Click on the following link for summary of the week long ordeal:


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Hello from San Diego,

I just finished watching the noon briefing of the Emergency Services for San Diego, these are some facts I noted:

** Over 513,000 mandatory evacuations so far  (The Cedar fire of 2003 had 50,00 evacuated) Yes, more than 10 times as many!!

** Camp Pendelton has 2 new fires going

** 1,250 homes destroyed that have been confirmed so far, 530 homes damaged, over 100 commercial properties. Many out-buildings destroyed. I watched a park for motor-homes, campers, boats and other recreational equipment being burned to a crisp -- (out here most HOA require that such vehicles cannot be parked by your home - one must rent space to store then)

Many electric transmission lines are down, thousands of poles burned, wires down and gas leaks, etc. (the areas that use propane have tremendous explosions going on, as the tanks blow up)

Forced electric outages are going to begin soon..................

Cell phone usage S/B for emergencies only.

Restricted water usage -- Ramona - has lost all power to pump water!!

Rancho Bernardo has been hit very hard, also Rancho Santa Fe - both very up-scale neighborhoods.

I am still in my home and hoping the wind will be favorable to me. Lots of praying going on here.......... and we need your prayers too.

More later - if I have electricity.

Mary Tesch Vanpoucke San Diego, CA

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Hi Wes!

Thanks for the update on Mary Tesch. Hopefully she can escape the fires. They are very bad in San Diego. Our son and family were evacuated yesterday at Stevenson Ranch as the fire was in the canyon in their backyard. He left for Reno to speak at a conference yesterday morning and fire was not close. Julie came home after picking up the kids from school and they were evacuating their street and she only had a few minutes to get some important papers, kids and dog and leave. That is how fast it is moving. They live NW of L.A. by Santa Clarita and the winds this morning are 57 mph with gusts of 75mph. Rick left for the airport as soon as he got Julie's call and finally got back into L.A. last evening. Of course they have no idea if their home escaped the fire, but they did see a plane fly over their home on the news and later a newscast said some of the homes were saved. Hopefully one of them is theirs.


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Hi to all,


I am OK and still in  my home.  My area is called Mira Mesa and it is just north of Miramar Marine Corps Air station -- and west of highway 15.  My car is packed and I'm ready to go when/if I get the word.  This seems like a war zone or a horror movie; to me it's worse than our fire of 4 years ago.  The wind on Sunday was unbelievable and our humidity was 4%, temp around 90!! 


Many friends have had to evacuate and just drive away from their homes, a very daunting situation.  There has been forced evacuation on the north and east of Mira Mesa and so things could change for me in the next 10 minutes.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers .............. we all NEED them.  The firefighters have been on line for over 24 hours - many without rest, what heroes they are!


I'll stay in touch,

Mary Van

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From KARE 11 News

Brooklyn Park man dies in mountain bike accident

Bloomington police received a 911 call Friday afternoon about a man who crashed his bike while riding the trails below Indian Mounds School.

The caller said his friend had lost control of his mountain bike and had crashed into a rocky streambed.

The man was taken to HCMC with serious head injuries and died there.

He has been identified as Mitchell Aleckson

From: Chuck & Phyllis Schamens [mailto:grampsd11@wat.midco.net]
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 9:01 PM
To: Wes Edwards
Subject: New Info

Hi Wes,

I just talked to Shirley and she said to go ahead and send out an e-mail to the class.  She is not going to send any.  Mitch was a donor and what could be used was donated.  Some people will live because Mitch died but that is one of the nicest things that can come out of a death.


From: Chuck & Phyllis Schamens [mailto:grampsd11@wat.midco.net]
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 2:31 PM
To: weston f edwards
Subject: Info

Shirley (Michaels) Aleckson called this morning (10/13) to say that her youngest son, Mitch, was killed in a motorcycle accident last night.  She did say she didn't think she would e-mail the class so I don't know if she would mind if you went ahead and put it on the page, or if you want to contact her first.  She had more phone calls to make and I was going to do some for her so didn't stay on the phone very long.

Phyllis (Howey) Schamens

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From: Dunncn@aol.com [mailto:Dunncn@aol.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 9:58 AM
To: westonfe@gmail.com
Subject: (no subject)

Hi, Wes   I used to have a picture of the ninth grade basketball team (at Immaculate Conception) with our letters.  If any one has a copy I'd like one since I seem to have lost mine. It had me and Wayne K. John Dugan, Jerry Kranz, Jon Horning, Steve B., Doug  S., and Larry S. on it.  Bob Dunn

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From: Donna (Moeller) Fjelstad (I and many, many more thank you for your kind words.  Wes)

July 1, 2007

Wes and many, many more::

Friday as I did water exercises with my cronies at the Y, I visited with a college friend who graduated from Pierre and returned here to live. I mentioned that her class had a reunion coming up next summer. With great irritation and a splash of the water with her hand, she said yes and as far as she was concerned it would be without her. She was sick to death of organizing them and wasn't going to do it anymore.

As I paddled off to a more serene space, I was reminded of the WHS Class of '56 and the incredibly well planned and executed event you and so many put together. I wanted to tell my friend of the organizers of a reunion on the eastern side of the state who could give workshops on how to put together a wonderfully memorable occasion where everyone felt included and the hosts appeared to take joy in making the event the best it could be.

I have had a fine year. I had the opportunity to direct four shows; Fiddler on the Roof in Flandreau, Hank Williams, Lost Highway in Pierre, GREASE in Sioux Falls (where at least two classmates, Mary Pulscher from Brandon and Shirley Michaels from Minneapolis with her granddaughter, came to see it) and I am currently directing Fiddler in Pierre opening July 16th. We have one hundred people in the show -lots of prayer shawls and yalmulkes! I love it! I made two trips to Alaska to visit my son Max and family which includes new granddaughter, Charlotte. And I drove to northern California to visit my daughter Mary Gen and family. They recently moved to Eugene, Oregon, so that will be the next trip no doubt. Life is a gift.

So, a year later, just a note to say again, 'Sincere Thanks for a fine time. Your work was much appreciated!


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June 22, 2007

I recently exchange a few emails with Wayne Snyder.  He told me some of what he is doing in his retirement.  He sad it was OK to share with classmates.  If you are in the cities you may want to stop in and see Wayne and learn more about NWA.  Wes

"I am working at the NWA history center on 34th Ave. as a volunteer, usually on Monday from 11-2. This next Wednesday we will have 40 new management personnel at NWA to speak to and tell them some of the history and culture of NWA. I have never done this before so it should be interesting.

The Credit Union has generously given us more room for the museum so we will be adding displays to those already there.
How are things going out where you live, enough rain already!!?

My latest adventure is a radio controlled helicopter, its real easy to fly and lots of fun. I usually fly it in the basement family room but have twice flown it outside if there in absolutely no wind and it's very light and cannot handle any breeze.


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From: joleis@itctel.com
Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2007 8:01 PM
To: Weston F Edwards

Wes, Karen Johnson Jackson died this morning, in Kansas City. She had heart surgery on Friday, was recovering well on Saturday and passed away this am. Her daughter Nancy, called Jake and Phyllis Krull to let them know.

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Feb 16, 2007  Sad news from Mary Lou Shriver

From: Mary Shriver [mshriver6@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 8:10 AM
To: Wes Edwards
Subject: Class news

Hi Wes!

Not the news we like to hear, but a friend in Watertown wrote and said Steve and Bonnie Belatti's daughter Carrie passed away yesterday. She is their youngest......about 26 years old, and she and her husband and three children, one being a year old, recently moved back to Watertown. She is a Speech Therapist and was in Dawson yesterday, had a seizure and never recovered. She also had Krohn's Disease of which Steve and Bonnie also lost a son to the same disease. My friend works with Carrie's mother-in-law and she got the call at noon yesterday. How sad and a difficult time for Steve and Bonnie.

Please keep the Belatti's in your prayers. Mary

You may read Carrie's obituary here: http://www.crawfordfuneralchapel.com/details.php?newsid=264

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Feb. 12, 2007  I received emails from Chuck Wicks and Nina Mitchell inviting me to take a nostalgic trip.  I thought you might enjoy it as well so here is the link.  http://www.oldfortyfives.com/DYRT.htm

Enjoy, Wes

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From: Deckbmw@aol.com
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 7:37 AM
To: westonfe@xtratyme.com
Subject: Address change
To: Fellow classmates
From: Bruce Willliams
I have accepted an interim senior pastor position at Bethany Lutheran Church in Batavia, Illinois, a community in the beautiful Fox River valley about forty miles west of Chicago. A congregation established by Swedish immigrants in 1872, the calling there will be a new adventure for a guy of Norwegian ancestry! The plan is to return to Sioux Falls sometime next year, but in the meantime my new address will be: 3120 Riverbirch Dr.,#102 - Aurora, IL 60502. Hopefully, I'll still be able to return this summer for our 50th celebration.

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From: skay1az@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 12:18 AM

To: westonfe@xtratyme.com

Subject: News Story  

    Hi Wes, just wanted to show you that we get snow in Arizona too. 48-52 inches was recorded in Pinetop, and we've had 12" since this article!

 I'm looking forward to the reunion in August and appreciate all the work the committee is doing to put it together.

Sandy K.     


(Note: I don't know how long the link will last but it sure looks like they are having a great time.  Wes)


    + As featured in the on-line version of WMICentral.

    + Web Address: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?brd=2264


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Nina and Ross Mitchell recently made a trip to Missouri and Kansas.  She shared a bit of the trip in a recent email.  Read about it on the link at the left.

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Mary Sheehan Shriver takes care of some of the social aspects for the class.  Wayne Konrady recently lost his wife to illness and Mary sent the family a sympathy card.  Here is Wayne's reply.

Class of '56

Your kindness made the nicest feeling grow. This memory in sharing my loss is so thoughtful.

I thank you for caring,

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Greetings, Wes..


Perhaps the following would be of interest to our class:


Yes, the picture I had duplicated and sent to you was the same one Ken Yokum sent in mid-January: It's our 6th grade class from Central grade school and Miss Janet Holtzman was our teacher that year(1949-50).  Her brother, Father Jerome Holtzman, was a priest in Vermillion during the years I served there and we became good friends. What a small world!


Do you remember one of our high school teachers, Rudy Stradinger?  About two weeks ago he called me from his home in Spearfish, SD, having tracked me down somehow.  We had a great conversation about our Watertown years, particularly about the plays he had directed and the students who were in the dramas. Once again, the world became small:  I had called on his daughter and family in Sioux Falls many years ago while developing a congregation.

Mr. Stradinger told me he will soon be 80 years old. I thought after our visit, wouldn't it be wonderful to invite him to come to our 50th? Perhaps there are a few others still around who could be given a special invitation. Just a thought.


Yes, Wes,  please inform the planning committee that I accept the invitation to give the invocation at the banquet.  Our class reunion comes between our family's annual week in the Black Hills and continued interim work, so I look forward to celebrating the 50th with you and fellow classmates.


Take care and thanks again for your continued good work on behalf of the class.


Bruce Williams

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Jody was hoping to stop for a visit in September.  These are the emails we exchanged. You may want to send her a get well card or something.



-----Original Message-----
From: joleis@itctel.com [mailto: joleis@itctel.com]
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 7:33 PM
To: westonfe@xtratyme.com Subject: visit

Wes, I can'tmake it, as I had an accident. Broke my right kneecap and my left wrist and radial! I'm typing this with my right index finger...#$% tHE ONLY BONE i DIDN'TBREAK THAT i LANDED ON WAS MY CHEEKBONE. (Must have hit a wrong key) So.... I can't use crutches, a quadcane, or a walker. Worst of all is no driving for six weeks! Orie has been jusy great, Very patient. Thanks for the maps, maybe I'll still get to use them. I just go 3 new pink w/white eyes delphinium. A friend is going to plant them for me. Orie had to cancel his Canada trip, but he still loves me. I felt awful about it. Maybe next year. Your friend, Jody


Hi Jody,

So sorry to hear about your accident. What a bummer! Can I share the info on the web site? Are you at Sisseton or Brookings?
Look at the bright side. With no driving and the high price of gas just think of all the money you will save. OK, so that isn't much solace.
Just take care and get well.

Kudos' to Orie for being so good.

The flowers should look better next year anyhow.



"One third of the world will care significantly, one third will notice it, and one third will barely be aware of it."- historian Peter Stearns



sure... maybe it'll give somebody a good laugh!

We're in Brookings thru Thursday, then to Buffalo Lake for Labor Day with relatives, so Orie might get a little rest from his duties. See you. JML

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From: Sylvia Peterson [mailto:sylvia_peterson@sil.org]
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 8:38 PM
To: Sylvia Peterson
Subject: Peterson Update

Dear Friends,

    Greetings from snake country.  When you pray for our health and safety, you don't know what the Lord is sparing us.  Last week, Bob and Nate were down at the model flying field.  I had the garage door open and did some gardening.  I walked past a car parked in there three or four times.  I shut the door and was in the house about twenty minutes when Bob opened the door.  A five foot long black snake was lying on the trunk of the car!  Then about midnight, the dogs were wildly barking.  Nate killed a two-and-a-half foot copperhead that had gotten into one of the dog runs and out again.  The copperhead is poisonous.  Now this week, a foot-long copperhead got into a different run and Nate killed it.  Someone told him to put a ring of moth balls around our area to keep snakes away so that's what he's going to try.

    I still have stomach problems, but a new medicine is helping some.  I'm feeling stronger and have started helping students again.  I have Ben, age thirteen, working on written English.  Then I have 4th grade triplets named Jade, Jasmine, and Julesia.  They are working on reading and math.  This is fun and keeps me busy!  I praise the Lord that I can do this.

    Bob is having a lot of trouble with one of his knees.  He's frustrated because he's got yard work and other projects to do.  He keeps busy at work with computers!

    Last week our computer crashed. It happens to us in the computer business as well. They always say that problem is not a matter of "if" but "when." Bob went to see about our backup files and found out that they were 6 months old. Wow, time has a way of slipping away even when you are conscientious. The backup files certainly helped and we are up and going again. He was also able to retrieve the six months of data since the backed up files. Now he has a reminder sticker on the bottom of the monitor when he made the last backup.

    He has had to help a lot of Wycliffe people get their computers going again after boot up failures,etc.

    Debbie, Will, and the children may get to come to the States in September for a mission's conference.  We're sure hoping that will happen.

    God bless you as you continue to pray for us.

Sylvia Peterson


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Wes, found your address on your Class of "56" Web Site

Why am I writing you? I need some information.

We (Class of "55") over the past year have been working on a WHS Arrow Education Foundation fund drive............ the drive's focus is "Making a Contribution After 50 Years" . It has been fun to challenge each and every classmate to try to make a difference for kids..... just like us....

We hope to Challenge the Class of "56" to the same effort.......... and I have visions of this becoming an annual funding project for the Foundation. It will only work if each class makes an effort to challenge the next class. And someone needs to take up the organization and pushing the project.

So far we have just moved over the $10,000.00 level........ not bad huh!

I have visions of the challenge being a continuing effort........... i. e........ We will Challenge the Class of "56".......... The class of "56" will challenge the class of "57" etc etc.....

Take a look at our web site.....you can see the results there...... http://members.nvc.net/kdborn/index.html  Click on Class Fund Raiser...

I am wondering if you would want to add something to your web site regarding the upcoming "challenge" It will or may be in some sort of Proclamation read at our 50th reunion in September.

I have a question.............. who is the chair or is heading up the Class of "56" planning......... I'd like to begin to get the challenge message to that part of your organization......

Thanks...................... Kermit

Kermit Born kdborn@nvc.net

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Dec 8, 2004  Carol says: Wes..... Would you want to put it on the class web site, that I am looking for a picture of some of us when we were in either first or second grade at Lincoln school? Years ago I had my purse stolen, and the picture was in my purse. I know Don Splinter, Dick Beynon, David Bolhouse would also be in the picture. I would give just about anything to get a copy of this picture!!!

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Sep 1, 2004

We encourage classmates to send us emails and let us know what is going on in their lives. The Keyes Guys, Dick and Judy (Forbush) lead somewhat of a vagabond life traveling around the country.  Since they have reconnected with classmates we have been to Oregon and now Nova Scotia with them.  Click here to get the latest on there Canadian travels.  Wes

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I will not be able to attend this year. Last year, I had a really great time seeing classmates that I had not seen in years. I know a lot of work was done to put together the reunion and it showed. It was great. I have recently found out that I have Multiple Myeloma a cancer that is not common and has no cure. Right now I am dealing with this and do not know what the future holds. Hopefully, I will at able to attend the 50th when it comes around. Best wishes for another successful reunion. Beverly Moquist Skinner.

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Hi Wes, I won't be at the Aug. get together so thought I'd send an old picture of me in my mid to late 50's. I wish I had a current one I could send but I don't. This was taken by my husband in the Saloon # 10 in Deadwood. Taken after a long six day work week and a couple of drinks. Thanks for all the updates on what is going on. I appreciate it. I may be in Watertown in late Sept for my sisters reunion. Can you believe it will soon be 50 years.. Where does the time go. I enjoy looking at all the pictures on the sight.. Thanks again.. Donna Cox Whalen

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Thank you for the invitation to the '56 class gathering the weekend of August 6th; however, I will not be attending this year. I am in a transition mode from Rochester, MN to Sioux Falls, having just spend almost a year as an interim senior pastor. Extensive travel and other commitments are ahead during the month ahead.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful gathering, once again. It was most enjoyable being with you and our fellow classmates last year. And I look forward to another year. A special word of thanks to you and others who have given special effort to bringing the class together. Bruce Williams

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Wes, It would be fine to use the bio write up that Hank did for the Class of 55 web site for the Class of 56. The only thing I would add is that I graduated from Maryville University in
1990 with a BS in Information Systems (took me ten years at various colleges!) I sold real estate while we lived in Chicago, but gave that up when we moved to the DC area. There I started working in the computer programming field (1980) and continued at various companies (depended on where we moved to) until my retirement last year. (Note: I will be updating Maxine's bio in the near future, Wes)

We won't be able to attend the informal gathering due to family reunion and vacationing in Colorado at that time, but hope to see everyone in 2006! Thanks for all your hard work on our Class of 56 web site. It's neat to hear what everyone is doing.  Maxine Wagner

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I will not be in W'tn this August, but hope you get a good turnout. Peace, Mary Tesch Vanpoucke

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Thanks for keeping me posted on the festivities. I will be driving in from a week long seminar in Minneapolis, so will probably not come, or come late, to the Friday eve. gathering. I will stay in town and be at the 3-6 gathering on Saturday. That ought to give me a chance to see people. I do have to get back to Aberdeen that eve just for my sanity on Monday a.m. I realize not all of the class of '56 is still working! However, I don't expect sympathy, (much!) just grateful to be included. Thanks to you and all the people on the picture, even those hiding behind others! Kathleen Bierne

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Guess we won't be making any of the get together this year. I was just ready to get the check book to send you a check when the phone rang. It was our sister-in-law from California asking if they could come the 6th of August through the 12th if we had room. We do have room so I told them we would be here. Maybe we can take them to some of the Terry Redlin activities. Too many things going on all the time.

Take care. I do appreciate the information that you send. We missed the Pizza Ranch the 7th because we were on vacation, in fact we were in Branson and at a show called Lost in the 50s. It was great.

Take care. Phyllis (Howey) Schamens

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Would love to make the trip to Watertown in August; but, unfortunately, I am obligated to be fishing for Atlantic Salmon and cannot be there. Please give my regards to all that attend; with the possible exception of Jim Lee. If he shows up, walk up behind him and give him a swift kick in the ass and tell him it was from me!! You and Donna did a great job last year and I am remiss in not thanking you before this. It was great to see everyone.... some have changed, some have not (especially true of Mary Gilbertson and Orie Liesure and Dave Hellbush). It was great to see everyone. Thanks again for all you efforts. Regards, John Dugan July 17, 2004

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Mary Sheehan suggested we share emails from classmates.  Rather than forward them around to everyone I will post them on this page.  As I post them they will go on the top.  Since we are several weeks into the process they will not necessarily be in any order.  Just new ones on the top.  Wes   p.s. Don't forget to check the quest book for comments also.

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Hi Wes: I think there is good news. Marie McClintic is not dead. She had a booth at the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen last week end. My sister even heard her paged over the loud speaker.  She (my sister) also asked someone in the sheep barn when Marie died and the lady said, "died? I talked to her yesterday".   Donna Flelstad

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Wes--sorry I missed this email and for the late response. Would have very much like to attend the reunion but the summer is a bit too cramped. Here's an update: I retired from CSU, Sacramento Computer Science Dept. two years ago. My wife Vicki is also retired. Son Derek is a professional pole vaulter and is competing in the World Championships in Paris in late August. Vicki and I will leave for Europe early in August, attend the Event, and live in Scotland until early October. Best health to all and we will plan to attend the 50th or any earlier get-together. Regards, John Miles

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Hi,  This is a great big Thank You to all who helped make the Get-together such a huge success. We had a marvelous time. I am looking forward to another get-together and our 50th Class Reunion. Thanks to all our classmates for making this such a success.  Judy and Dick Keyes 

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I am so sorry that I will not be able to attend. We move from Hong Kong to Sweden (Outside Stockholm) the end of July into a summer house we bought in Akersberga . We plan to winter in San Antonio with Mom Vik (90 yrs.). My daughter, Brigitte is also marrying a Swede on Aug. 23rd. Brother Al & wife will come from Decorah, Ia. Brother Stan still lives in Atlanta & will visit later.

It sounds like a fabulous week-end & I will miss it terribly. I had so much fun @ the last one. Please greet all from me & I hope you will save a CD for me. I will send a check when I get back to the US in Oct. Our almost 3 years here have gone by quickly; but I have done & seen a lot to add to our memory list. Love, Sharon

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I spoke with Larry last Sunday, he just called me on a Sunday afternoon, what a pleasant surprise. 

I have not been to any reunions since 1976, so I'm really behind the times on catching up with what has happened. I was quite shocked to see the page about the deceased members of our class.

I will not make it for the Friday or early Saturday events or the dinner. I'm flying into Sioux Falls from San Diego with a connection in Denver on July 19. My flight is scheduled to arrive at 6:06 PM, so barring any delays, etc., I should get to W'tn about 8 PM. I plan to stop by the Elks immediately, travel weary and all.  Mary Tesch

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I will be coming to festivities on the weekend of July 18, 19, and 20. t sounds like a lot of fun and I was really hoping we would do something instead of waiting until 2006.  I will be coming by myself. JoAnn Weitgrefe

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In 1997 and early 1998 Chuck and I had quite an experience.  Chuck developed cardiomyopothy and March 4, 1998, he was transported to the U of M, in Mpls. where they did a transplant evaluation.  On April 21st he received his Second Chance for Life.  The heart started beating immediately and has been going great ever since.  If any of you haven't considered organ donation, please think about it.  Phyllis Howey

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Thanks to you and the committee for the work you have done on the 2003 "early get together." I still work part-time and that includes every other weekend. The weekend of the 18th., 19th., and 20th. is my weekend to work. Have a great time and enjoy the great memories we all share. If I'm still working when we get together in 2006 I'll either take the weekend off or just quit my job. Mike Reddy

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Carol Skells sent a letter to update her bio and send a picture.  I thought I would share the illustration by Betty Giroux with you since it is appropriate to a task that her and Orval complete every day.  Happy 4th of July. Wes  Illustration by Betty Giroux.  Click to enlarge.

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