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Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening




Sixty-Seven Couples at 1955 Prom


A realistic “Moonlight, and Roses” theme marked the 1955 junior-senior prom held Saturday evening in the senior high school gymnasium with ‘67 couples in the grand march.

The setting included a stone wall effect with white picket fence entwined with roses and greenery, ‘and above a crescent moon in the blue sky.. The grand march entrance was a white rose-covered bridge spanning a pond of real water colored with blue flood lights. The pond with its banks covered with ferns, flowers” and moss-covered rocks, was filled from a realistic waterfall.


The effective decorations were arranged so that the dance floor was clearly visible to the spectators in the gallery which was well filled.


Leading the grand march was Jerry Jorgenson, president of the. junior class and his partner, Marilyn Gottschalk, followed by the senior class president, George Heathcote and Evelyn Bevers. The third couple in line was Chuck Ruhr, president of the student council, and Donna Austin.


A seven-piece orchestra furnished the music for the program dance.

Refreshments including sherbert punch were served at various snack-bars throughout the evening by sophomore girls.


The couples were, announced separately as they entered, and a spotlight followed them to their respective places. The list follows:


Jerry Jorgenson Marilyn Gottschalk

George Heathcoay-Eve1yn Bevers

Chuck Ruhr—Donna Austin

Jim -Austin—Janet Heuer

Gerald Best—Jacqueline Kruthhoff

Clyde Blizzard—Wanda Tesch

Kermit Born—Carroll Swenson

James Boyer—Jeanne Bauer

Edward Buchholz— LaVonne Zamow

Mel Cofinan—Barbara Brooks

Roger Coon—Janice Turbak

Gene Coplan—Pat Walsh

Dean DeWall—Leone Mikkelson

John Dugan—Deanna Pella

Fred Fiebelkorn—Georgia Barrett

Jack Fiebelkorn Barbara Baxter

Ray Flanders—Jeanette Hoyme

Neil Fleming—Patty True

Kenneth Furness—Zandra Thompson

Alex Ganatsos—Muriel Fischer

Loren Gisselbeck—Carol Kipp

Jim Grant—Vernlda Wiese

Mel Haaland—Sandra Crump

Eddie Hauff—Camilla Quammen

Larry Hedley—Patricia Eliwein

Edward Heatheote Laima Jegeris

David Hellbusch—Marilyn Johnson

Jim Helle—Carol Olson

Cliff Hemstock Barbara Eustice

Tom Holen—Janice Frandsen

Dave Jacobson—Judy Fox

Dick James—Darlene Dunn

Gary Johnson—Barbara Sargent

Bill Keith—Mary Sheehan

William Kidder—Carol Bergan

Jerry King—Mary Marquardt

Bernard Kinney—Bonnie Benthin

Dale Kjerulff—Dixie Collins

Jacob Krull—Phyllls Hanson

Denny Larson Janice Christensen

Jim. Lee—Beverly Grapentine

Milo Lines—Doris Lamke

Don Lortz—Marlys Thronson

Ronald Lovick—Marie McCullough

Mike McManus—Jody Cooley

Bill Mlchaels—Connie Sexton

Dick Middleton—Hil Keller

John Miles—Karen Johnson

Dick Mondloch—Mary Ann MacDonald

Dick Paulson—Betty Kinney

John Reese—Colleen England

Terry Redlin—Helene Langenfeld

Richard Schaack—Anita Bultman

Jerry Schwanke Marilyn Zimprich

Larry Shriver Jo Elaine Wulff

Steve Smith—Marie McCllntic

Jens Sorsen—Mary Pulscher

William Stofft—Susan Steger

Douglas Stricherz—Marlys Dahl

Ferdy Tesch—Mary Larson

Allen Vik—Helen Marquardt

Henry Wagner—Maxene Kemp

Ed White—Joanne Hemmer

Charles Wicks—Mary Rub

Larry Wolff—Mary Tesch

Phil Wulff—Sharon Vik

Kenneth Yocom—Jeannine Gillies


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Class Officers at 1955 Prom

Class Officers at the 1955 Prom

At The Prom

At The (55) Prom