Watertown High School

Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening



Our 55th WHS Class of 1956 Reunion

August 5-6, 2011

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Wrap Up

 August 15, 2011

 Dear Classmates,

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end” and we now find the 55th class reunion has also done so. What a wonderful weekend it was renewing old friendships with classmates and spouses. It seemed like conversations picked up right where we left them the last time we were all together.

The first evening was spent at the Goss Opera House which we knew as Krieser’s Drug and what a difference years have made. No more cherry cokes but lots of interesting things and very good food. The old opera house has been discovered and remodeled on the third floor where occasional entertainment now graces the stage. Numerous artists have their work on display and you can even watch them at work throughout the day on second floor. Josh Spies has wonderful art work on display in his gallery on first floor also. His grandfather Burdell  we all knew as the owner of Spies grocery store.

On Friday  many took the trolley ride around Watertown passing many interesting places. We say “Thank You” to Mary Rueb Conner who treated our class to free rides. Our class picture on the old library stairs was published in the Watertown Public Opinion this past week and I must say, it is a nice looking group of classmates. Friday evening we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Lunker's on the lake. Some of you may remember this facility as Club 20! Thank you Rev. Bruce Wiliams for a meaningful invocation. Once again a lot of visiting and we were also entertained by classmate Darrel Crocker with his fine voice serenading us with songs of the 50’s. Thanks Darrel. A job well done. Darrel also was the chair of our committee arranging meetings and contacting the facilities for our reunion. Thank you Darrel for doing a fine job that nobody wanted. Thank you also to Wes Edwards for a very touching Memorial presentation to our 46 classmates who are no longer with us. A fine tribute which brought tears to many.   Jim Marking and his wife were also special guests once again and we enjoyed visiting with Jim and hearing some of his stories of years gone by.

Saturday was a beautiful day at the lake where our potluck was held at the home of Larry and Bonnie Wolff. How could anyone pass up all that good food and once again a nice day for visiting?  Thank you Larry and Bonnie, for opening up your home to the class.  Thank you to Keith Hanson who shared class memories and readings that were special to us. Kevin reminded us that” We are becoming what we were meant to be.” 

Each year on the first weekend of August, Terry Redlin’s family provides a free concert at the Terry Redlin Art Museum grounds. Three Dog Night was the entertainment this year enjoyed by all. A spectacular fireworks show was put on by classmate Lew Raderschadt and his family behind the Redlin Museum. This is the best every year which can be seen from all over the city. Lew shared with us that MANY hours go into the planning and it was appreciated by all. Thanks Lew and family for a great show.   

Sunday was the day for goodbyes and was best said with food. So a brunch at Minerva’s at the Watertown Event Center and Ramkota Hotel was our final event.  My, how quickly the weekend went by. Amazing how we spent three days together and still had lots to visit about on Sunday morning. So after good food, lots of talking, it was time to say goodbye, so some could get on with their travels and locals could go home and nap (due to age) after a busy weekend.   Thanks also to Wes Edwards as pictures from the reunion are available on the website at https://picasaweb.google.com/WHS.Class.1956/WHSReunionAug2011# A video is also available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZqx4cXt7-Q  This is spectacular so please check it out. Wes puts a lot of work into each presentation so we do hope you will look at the two sites on the Internet. Thanks Wes for providing us with the presentations that will be lasting memories for us. I am sure those of you who have received our reunion booklet enjoyed all the information and pictures. Thank you to Nina Schmeling Mitchell for the 28 page booklet that updated our life changes since the 50th.  Hopefully, it will help to keep us in closer contact with one another.  If you did not order a booklet or picture, Nina has 2 booklets and 1 picture left.  Contact Nina if you are interested. First come, first served.

Thank you also to Jackie Baxter, our treasurer who also put many hours into keeping our finances up to date. Once your registrations got to Jackie, she kept an accurate list of who was coming, who wanted a booklet or picture and what you wanted to eat at the banquet. At our age, that was quite a job. Thank you Jackie! 

We would ask that you keep us updated on any change of address so we can keep our class directory up to date. Each time we plan a reunion, it takes extra time to try and locate those who have moved and we certainly do not want to leave anyone off of our mailing list.

If you have an e-mail address that is not in the class booklet or if yours has changed, please notify us as e-mail is the fastest and cheapest way of communication when notifying classmates of a reunion or updates on our class.

 The committee of the WHS class of 1956 would like to thank you for attending our 55th class reunion and for those unable to attend, we missed you and hope you will plan to attend our 60th reunion which will be on Homecoming weekend in September, 2016. Yes, there was talk that we need to think about 5 years down the road so mark your calendar for 2016.


WHS class of ’56 Reunion Committee