Watertown High School

Class of 1956 ~ 55 Years of Ripening


Memories of the 50th


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Reflections On Our Reunion


In August 2006, we spent some time with classmates in senior, golden reflection,

We reflected about our experiences of the distant past with much affection.

Fifty years had gone by since that long ago May,

When we all stood together on Graduation Day.


In some moments of silence, as we bowed our heads,

Remembering dear friends that had gone on ahead.

In a future reunion, we shall meet them again. . .

Close in our hearts we will keep them til then.


Now as we gathered, Old friendships renewing.

We asked, “Where do you live now?  What have you been doing?”

Hugging, laughing, shedding a few happy tears.

Trying to catch up in three nights, all that has happened in years.


The bonds that we forged years ago were still strong.

The connections we made will last our lives long.

No matter where we go. . . or what our address,

Precious memories will remain of times together at WHS.


Nina Schmeling Mitchell